The Truth Is


There is no truer truth than these honest facts,
I’ve had devilish thoughts about devious acts.
This admission may strike you odd. I’m aware.
Ironic… my apathy is raising my hairs.
Dark truth.

As a rule, society shuns telling our truth,
Insisting we drown it with vodka’d vermouth.
We’re are all shaken.
All stirred.
On rocks.
Orange zested or salted, an olive on top.
Presented in ways so that others approve,
Classy or jazzy or singing the blues.
Standard truth.

We bleed heartfelt lines and intricate prose,
But survival requires showing “these” and not “those”
Appropriate truth.

Perhaps I’ve survived by honest dumb luck.
Maybe fate favors not giving a fuck.
As a wise man once eloquently said,
“A fuck said aloud is worth two in the head.”
Denial of truth.

It’s hard to believe that you don’t care somehow,
Whenever you’re always “not caring” so loud.
Revealing truth.

What the fuck is “the truth”?

The prompt this week is “truth”.


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