Take my hand and I’ll lead you through this dark place

I know it’s scary

But I know all the twists and turns

I’ve been here before

It’s all so familiar to me

So I’ll be your guide

I see the panic in your eyes

Anxiety shouts lies

Cycles of “you’ve fucked up” ring round and round in your brain

But I stop and chase away those thoughts

because I’ve had them too

And I’m living proof that the truth is what you make of it

So I tell you to live your truth

I feel you shaking

and I put my arms around you

Hold you until the shaking stops

Because I know what it’s like to feel terrified and alone

I stroke your hair as the tears fall

Broken hearts bleed and sometimes blood flows through eyes

I lean down and whisper “Broken hearts can be healed”

Time is a miraculous ointment

One that I can attest to

I see you hesitate as we reach a cliff

It is black and cold and windy

You shutter from the draft and look at me

Questions in your eyes

Questions of doubt and fear

I know them well

I’ve asked them while staring down the edge too

Wondering if I was making a mistake

If there was redemption after this

If I could survive the fall

So I hold your hand tighter, pull you close to me and look in your eyes

I quietly say, “We got this”

And we jump.

Word prompt for this week: risk


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