Lilly Lilac. That’s what her parents named her. I wonder if they ever figured she would get fucked like this? I’ll admit, probably not the most generic thoughts to have as I’m pounding her into the pillows of her parent’s California-king. I finish, and she collapses into the sheets as I pull out.
“Shit baby…” She moans. She doesn’t mean it, I don’t think, but that’s okay. We’re both acting today. I walk to the attached bathroom and see a picture of her dad and mom on the countertop. I look Mr. Lilac in the eyes as I wash off my dick from his daughter’s cum. “Fuck you…” I mutter as I use his hand towel to dry off. I hate this guy. When I step back into the bedroom, Lilly is on her phone.
“Hashtag post sex selfies.” I muse.
She’s not listening so I start to get dressed. My slacks are wrinkly because I didn’t get a chance to fold them before she started ripping them off me. Won’t make that mistake next time.
“What are you doing?” She looks at me wide-eyed, shocked, apparently. I still don’t think she means it.
“Leaving.” I say matter-of-factly. What the fuck else would somebody do after fucking? After-sex small talk is the most torturous of its kind.
“You don’t want to stay?” I think I catch a hint of relief in her voice.
“No.” I say as I tuck my shirt into my slacks.
“What, you want to get some bagels and orange juice together? Share a tub of strawberry schmear?” I frown with disgust at my own sarcasm.
Lilly just looks at me. “Strawberry?” She asks finally.
I shake my head and grab my blazer. “See ya.” I mumble as I move to exit.
Everywhere there are pictures of her father. Smiling on a golf course. Smiling on a yacht. Smiling while holding a rifle. Smiling next to his wife. I can’t wait to wipe that nasty fucking smile off his face. Lilly was the youngest of four sisters, barely nineteen. The other three daughters should be easier. I just need to make sure I do it fast, before they know about it from each other. Then they can all talk about it with their asshole father. They can talk about how I fucked them so hard their legs felt like the twin towers and my dick was a plane.
The ghost of George Washington is gonna fuck me for that one.
Outside of their mansions, I slip a cigarette into my mouth and light it. My friend’s BMW sits parked in their driveway. He let me borrow it so Lilly Lilac would believe that I’m a successful TV producer looking for the next best thing. If she really were fucking me for a job I still wouldn’t have given it to her with that mediocre performance. I open the door to the car but I jump suddenly, startled. The garage door opens behind me.
“Shit.” I mutter. Down the street I see a black corvette approach. Daddy’s home. Lilly better be making their fucking bed right now.
Mr. Lilac pulls into the driveway next to me and I step out the way. As he exits, he looks at me, his brow furrowed into a frown.
“Who are you?” He asks as he closes the door.
I spread my lips to portray a smile. “Just here to see if you guys need a new Internet provider.”
Mr. Lilac is suspicious. I’m secretly glad. I almost want to tell him right now. I fucked your daughter. Your youngest, and most precious. I took her virginity – the one she tells you she still has.
“Put that fucking cigarette out, and get out my driveway.” Mr. Lilac turns to walk away. “We’re not interested.”
I drop my cigarette on his driveway and step on it before slipping into my car. Patience, Adam, I tell myself. Revenge will be sweet.

This week’s prompt: write something that can be read in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.


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