Isn’t It Erotic, Don’t Ya Think


We met years ago. Happenstance really… a walk through the mall and something caught my eye.

I say, “Met”. How do you accurately describe that moment when two become one? Desire meets opportunity and becomes destiny.

Time freezes. I remember you beckoning to me from behind the counter. I was on my lunch break. I waited for you. I waited until the time was right and I took you outside to my car.

It isn’t what I expected to be doing on my lunchbreak but desire doesn’t know boundaries. There is something special about a limited time together. Something sacred about no one questioning what you are doing or why? You knew the deal.

The sweet natural perfume only makes the memory stronger. I smell your scent from time to time and salivate like Pavlov’s dog.

I awkwardly undressed you, dropping your adornments in my floorboard. I was trying not to rush the moment because I knew it would pass too quickly. You were so warm in my hands. So soft. It was like your curves were made for my hands.

I caressed you with my mouth and explored you with my tongue. You tasted just as sweet as I imagined and I enjoyed the juices you left on my face. People looked through the window as they passed the car but they acted like they ignored what they saw. It was a perfect moment that was destined to inspire jealousy.

Is it dirty to say I licked my fingers? I did. I licked them like coke heads lick a glass mirror.

When we were finished there was a perfect understanding of what had happened. We had become one and at the same time something separate. Never to cross paths again. I am okay with that.

You showed me what a perfect day could be and the way you pleased me helped me find that pleasure elsewhere in my life. I removed all evidence of the events in the car and I went back to work, Guilt was glowing fresh in my cheeks from my bloodpressure. I wouldn’t change a thing.

That was a Goddamned Delicious Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich.


Food is my boo. That skinny chick up top needs a mouth full of meat.



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