Of Airports and Destiny


Destiny, you elusive bitch

What do you have in store for me?

I chased the sun trying to find happiness

And all that happened is I got burned

I sway with the tide you throw me in

The waves toss and bruise me

But I flail my arms and find a way to breathe through a straw

and make it to shore with gasping lungs and sore muscles

I float in the eye of the storm you’ve created

The destruction swirls around me

I find a sense of calm

despite the torrid affair

and I wait until I’m tossed onto steady land, shaken but not harmed

I wrestle with the muddy goop you’ve surrounded me with

My legs rendered useless to the pull of it

I claw my way out using hands and nails

Leaving my shoes behind, but my dignity in tact

Continue to beat me, kick me, test me

I will get back up

Swollen, Broken, Torn

I will find a way

I am stubborn and fierce

I don’t need you, Cosmic Mistress

I will have my own happy ending.

Just like in that movie where Nicolas Cage runs to the airport

and tells his forgotten love that he has seen what they could be and maybe if she stays they

can create that destiny together despite all of the time they’ve lost

My own airport scene will be on a warm autumn day

And it will start with my love telling me that he is available to make an us

That he has seen what we could be and he’s ready to start living that right now

That’s what I see in my future

That is what I will make of it

What I will fight for

So Destiny,

you can go fuck yourself.

(The word prompt this week is: Nicolas Cage. I was like WTF at first, but I love Crabby aka Thompry, so I made it work)


7 thoughts on “Of Airports and Destiny

  1. You did it! All things return to Nic Cage eventually. And I live right by the airport so I’m going to start going there and dramatically approaching women I don’t even know. See how it works out. Might even bump into Sam!

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