The wolf

My heart is a greedy motherfucker

An insatiable monster

It consumes affection and attention

Always looking for the next hit

My brain swims in endorphins

My ego swells and soars

I’m on a high

Your words, an addiction

You feed the animal inside

I crave to hear all the ways you adore me

I itch

Tell me more

This narcissistic heart of mine

Can I even trust it?

Is it love or lust that draws me in?

Does it really matter?

You know me, the hungry wolf

I will eat what you give me

Consume it passionately

And look to you for more

It will never be enough

I will always be in want

Who is the master and who is the pet?

I choose, but do I really?

This appetite of mine, it’s dangerous

I’m dangerous

An untamed creature of the wild

trying desperately to be domesticated

I will hurt you

I will leave you wanting more

But you leave me wanting more

I try to stay away, but I can’t

Are you a special handler?

A whisperer to the feral beast inside me?

This is trouble

That is clear

This drug we share

It shoots up my veins and rushes through my blood stream

The high surpasses the pain

How long can this continue?

This cycle we run through

Desire, Denial, Surrender

Overdose is inevitable

But this was fate

And who am I to fight that?

This is  week’s word prompt is: Addiction


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