fugacious fuck

falling in love
is not something i achieve
i look like i’m drowning,
arms flailing
in a wino’s paper cup.

saw a film yesterday
where a girl on the lip of an affair 
says: i don’t like who i am when i’m in

i’m a cunt when i’m in love.

don’t stare,
fumble with the clasp of your briefcase 
while we stand in line,
wait for our coffee.
you don’t want to be here today,
don’t want to be a boy today.

i plug in my earphones.

still you eye the girl in yellow flip‐flops 
skin dark like volcanic soil.
you cannot resist.
your hand touches my elbow.
your voice punctures, it is the sound of
   bad luck.


then you find i’m like any other 
who feels she owns you
as soon as you unzip.



12 thoughts on “fugacious fuck

  1. Funny thing about love and casual sex. For the really young, sleeping around is an emotional search for connection, a sign of deep longing. The scale slides until the true sign for love is very little sex and lots of sex is almost a sign of un-attachment and pure physical fulfillment. Did that sound profound? It was totally BS, I am watching TV and typing so who knows what I just wrote. I dont have time to look back and edit. I did enjoy the use of fugacious. Good stuff.

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  2. “don’t want to be a boy today”

    My inner monologue. High five. Also now we have two more clues as to who Babe is. In summary we’ve got: yellow sandals, skin tone, skull ring, and stormtrooper helmet.

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