The Liar and the Unicorn

He said “It makes me wonder if you want me now or if it’s leftovers from the past.”

Funny he said that because he forgot that he no longer really wanted me.

Not for who I am.

That kiss, it haunts me.

The sensation of your mouth on mine, our lips engaged in soft, succulent embraces.

The taste of your tongue, the nibble on my lip.

Entrancing, passionate, hungry

It left me wanting more

But you kissed and ran

You stole what you considered your due

and left me empty

Waiting, wanting, confused

You said we did not fit, that it would not work

But our bodies told a different story

The ease in which we fell into each other,

the way we mimicked each others desires

You groomed me to your liking

Prepared my mind for your body

You told me pretty lies to soothe my anxieties

Like an emperor choosing a concubine

Telling her she is his chosen one, his favorite

But she was never meant to be his queen

And he told her these things while knowing all the while she would just be one of many

That in time he would treat her like every other

And forget the words he used to make her feel special

You foul liar

Your words rot in your mouth and decay your teeth

your saliva is rancid and burns my skin

The scar deforms my body so that I can never forget you or what you’ve done

I hate that you haunt me

You undeserving poltergeist

How dare you build up the idea of us and then deny me

How dare you play with me

Like a careless child,

you picked me up to see what I could do

but soon grew tired and tossed me aside,

not caring if I got dented by your indifference

You wanted to sample my love and my body without paying a price

You greedy motherfucker

Your entitlement is thick and suffocating

like melted tar on a hot day

I bowed down to you and your will

only for a moment because

my mind was under your spell

and I would have done whatever you wished

But you insisted that unicorns do not exist

That there is no such thing

And that is when I realized that you were unworthy

Because only a fool is unable to recognize a mystical creature of beauty standing right before him

Only an idiot treats a unicorn like a horse in disguise


10 thoughts on “The Liar and the Unicorn

  1. “soft, succulent embraces” “waiting, wanting, confused” “Like an emperor choosing a concubine

    Telling her she is his chosen one, his favorite

    But she was never meant to be his queen”

    “a unicorn like a horse in disguise”

    love these lines and love the picture

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. There are far too many liars in the world and too few people who believe in unicorns. I’m sorry that someone has made you feel the same way that I do. You and I are deserving of better


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