Of Lust and Intimacy


You boil my blood

Make me blush with a suggestion

Know what buttons to push and how

You sneak into the secret depths of my mind and release the naughty thoughts I keep hidden there

A sexual Pandora’s box

You tap into my wants, my desires, my lusts

I push you away,


silently daring you to keep coming around

I toss out bait to entice you,

should you feel discouraged

I want you to want me

I promise I’m just teasing

Take it, 

this time I won’t run off


You are different. 

You warm my heart. 

You reach inside to the innermost chambers and make them glow. 

You ignite me with your transparent vulnerability

Your words make me smile, 

make me radiate

My soul longs for yours

I circle you, 


so as not to scare you away

I slowly pull you in,

just close enough to keep you near

To keep you in my orbit

Waiting patiently for you to want to move closer 

Closer and closer still

Until we collide into a beautiful mess of profound intimacy


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