Shooting Blanks


Every now and again, by which I mean often, I’ll see something about a dad trying to scare the boys who come calling for the daughter. Or someone will crack a joke to that effect, hur hur hur.

I fucking hate that.

It immediately assumes the dad did the worst possible job in terms of helping to prepare his daughter for the world. The girl in that equation is absolutely helpless in the event of danger, which means no thought was given to how the girl would protect herself in the absence of dad. The dad has made her completely reliant on him for protection, which is a codependent relationship. Possibly the worst part is that it clearly says he has no faith in his daughter to make a judgment, or to learn how to respond to the consequences.

That dad sucks. He’s not raising a daughter. He’s raising a goddam house pet. Just to be clear, that’s one of many symptoms of rape culture. Of the women I know who had a dad pull that routine, they almost all just snuck behind dad’s back.

TLDR: I’m not going to clean a shotgun when the boys show up. If I held up my end of the bargain, my daughter will be the fucking shotgun.

Besides, in the event that my daughter is hurt by someone, retaliation will be with my own two hands, up close and personal, the way it was intended.


6 thoughts on “Shooting Blanks

  1. Nice. Never thought about it from this angle before. With three younger sisters Lord knows I’ve had fantasies on different variations of the shotgun speech. But seeing as I do not own a shotgun it wouldn’t be very imposing.


  2. I agree. Women are stronger and smarter than we are made to believe we are through traditional gender roles. And damn right it should be a parent’s duty to make sure girls know it. Thanks for setting it straight from a dad’s perspective.

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    1. I think I have a post called Cleaning My Shotgun but it is somewhat satire on the issue. My common response when people ask how I will react the dating is that I will apologize to the guys and ask them if they are sure they want to do this. Ask them to call me if they need help. My girls are brutal and honest.

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