He is*

bad boy

He’s angry. He’s a sexy bastard. He loves Mary Jane. He’s gotten a BJ many times before, or at the very least, knows what one is. But most importantly, he’s incensed all the time. That’s why he retreats into his heavy metal rock obsession. Like Papa Roach says, suffocation and no breathing is his last resort.

His dad used to beat him until he was unconscious. His perpetual anger stems from there. Others label him the bad boy even though he doesn’t see himself as such. He just sees himself as someone with a lot of regrets. His short stories for English class are about accidents, car crashes, and drunkenness. He must always be drunk. Friday night, Saturday night, Monday night, and Wednesday night. Kickin’ it with a beer in one hand and a cig in another. Sometimes the beverage is heavier than beer. After all, beer doesn’t taste that good anyway.

He loves girls. Correction. He loves women. He’s the dominant one. Not just in the bedroom. He’s got talent, but doesn’t apply himself because why waste time on that? Life’s about living it up and having fun cuz we’re all going to hell anyway.

So he takes a drag off a cigarette because that’s all he’s known. He has manners. He holds the door for everyone. He makes fun of everyone—even has a list of names. But he never forgets the door.

He’s got tattoos. He’s got piercings. He drives fast sometimes and cranks that loud music in his black Jeep. Everything’s black. A gold chain sits around his neck. It can’t be any other way. The girls wish they had never met him because he’s their daddy. He makes them come into confusion. It’s the kind of sex she’ll remember for the rest of her life. He takes whatever he wants, leaving nothing behind. But when it’s all over, she’s the one who will leave him first.

He’s not afraid to punch, jab, or twist anyone in any place that hurts. He’ll clock them in a split second if he has to. If someone jumps him, he’ll have to, and if not him, a friend of his. He has many.

It’s not a dragon he has to slay, but it’s just him, a dark figure running with a machete after snakes on the verge of an attack.

YuMin Ye

*This is a repost from my old wyrdkismet Xanga. Now I’m wyrdkismet on WordPress.

Image credit: http://www.theproblemismen.com/rants/badboys


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