The kiss

I gently trace the outline of your face with my hand, starting at your cheekbone and ending at your jaw line.

I search your expression and my eyes are drawn to your lips.

Your soft, delicious lips. 

I kiss the corner of your mouth.

A spark of desire makes me draw a sharp breath as I slowly drag my lips across yours.

I draw back and look into your eyes, seeking any indicator that you want me too.

Unable to resist the magnetic pull,  you lean into me and draw me in with your arms,

kissing me with a force that lets me know just how much you’ve been holding back.

I’m dizzy from the pleasure, dopamine shooting through my head like fireworks.

Our kisses grow sensuously hungry.

We press closer.

The instinct to melt into each other overwhelms us,

tempting us to connect our bodies together like two reunited puzzle pieces.

My heart pounds from the desperate ache pulsating through my blood.

My thoughts are fuzzy now, my head is tangled up with unabashed craving.

An insatiable craving that only you can relieve.

I feel warm as the tension builds and drives me to start shedding my clothes in anticipation.


And then reality hits.

 I realize this is all in my head.

You are far away and I am here, daydreaming about you.

The things I imagine doing to you would make you blush.

Too bad you’ll never know it.

Pity, really.


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